Tropical Dissent (Weapon Series)

2022 - ongoing
3D printed polylactic filament
Dimensions Variable

Tropical Dissent is an ongoing series of 3D-printed simulated weapons imagined and designed by the artist for personal use. These objects are inspired by armaments from the Philippine Islands traditionally used in warfare, agriculture, and ritual, as well as improvised weapons from everyday materials and defense mechanisms in nature. As a series, these weapon renderings speak to a narrative of retaliation and reflect a fantasy scenario that permits BIPOC people to fight and resist colonial violence. They cite a practice of DIY weaponry from Guerrilleras (women resistance fighters), such as paltiks - homemade firearms fashioned from scrap metal and iron, gas pipes, gunpowder and nails, improvised by resistance fighters from whatever they could scavenge.

Tropical Dissent (sketches), 2022 - ongoing, pencil on canvas paper, 11 x 14 inches

This body of work was created during Garcia’s Session Program at Recess, I Woke Up & Chose Violence. They began as a series of sketches, which Garcia then translated into 3D prints and were informed by one-on-one/small group workshops that she has facilitated, where participants design their own personalized, handheld weapon.

Exhibition History: Montclair State University Galleries (2023); Recess (2022) Image Credits: Photography by Cary Whittier,  courtesy of Montclair University Galleries