Imperial Reminiscence (video still), 2018

Imperial Reminiscence
Digital video, colour, sound
10:15 min

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Imperial Reminiscence is a cinematic voyage of misguided desire (illegitimate and far from innocent) that traverses fantasies of cultural otherness. It is a reminder of the colonial gaze and its nostalgia for imperialism. It exposes the ongoing Western narrative of whitewashing in Hollywood films, and archives various instances of this mode of violence that occurs through the absence and erasure of people of colour in cinema and the broader entertainment industry.

This work was commissioned by The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia; and supported by the NAVA NSW Artists’ Grant.

Exhibition History:  The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (2018); New England Regional Art Museum (2019); The Centre of Contemporary Photography (online), Salzburger Kunstverein (all 2020)