Installation photography courtesy of Penrith Regional Gallery and the Lewers Bequest

Upon de River / Upon de Bank
3 lenticular photographs on robotic arms
42 x 29.7cm

Upon the River / Upon the Bank is a photographic installation that expands on Garcia’s early video work and concept, Autotwerk - when the surrealist notion of automatism is applied to the phenomenon of twerking. The act of twerking performed as an automatic gesture in the everyday creates a tension between histories, body and space. In the context of the Yandhai (Nepean River), the twerk is utilised as an abstract intervention in the environment. By inserting a foreign body and movement into the landscape of the Penrith region, a new Australian identity emerges through cultural remixing.

Special thanks to Jacquie Manning and Annie McKinnon for their assistance and expertise during this project.

Exhibition History: Penrith Regional Gallery and the Lewers Bequest (2017) [catalogue available here]