Photography by Mick Bello
Courtesy of the Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center

32:00 mins

Flygirl [S01E05] (Live Recording)
Digital video, colour, sound
0:32 secs

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Flygirl is a solo dance installation that reimagines forgotten hip-hop choreographies. It is a performance of choreographic interludes, sampling dance routines performed by the all-female troupe of ‘Fly Girls’ from the 90s US television series, In Living Color.

This work examines the narrative of the female body, especially one of colour, used as filler, or as a device to fill in the gaps in male dominated territories. In the act of centering these peripheral or marginalised bodies that have been forgotten in televisual history, Flygirl playfully reframes nostalgia and cultural memories, by taking the platform of the 32-second dance interlude and executing it as the main body of choreography.

Using the aesthetics and technology of the green screen, Flygirl expands on the notion of a dance floor, and negotiates the staging of performance live in real-time and on screen, transforming the format of video into a utopic space that explores the possibilities of duration, repetition and re-performance.

Flygirl was developed with support from the Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center (Troy, New York) as part of the International Residency Program by Australia Council for the Arts, and Critical Path (Sydney, Australia).