The Pleasure Principle: Janet meets Freud

for MCA ARTBAR 2017
Curated by Caroline Garcia

“For the month of October 2017, exhibitions, music and live acts come together under the direction of performance artist Caroline Garcia, transforming the MCA into a pulsating piece of performance art!

Garcia’s ARTBAR explores the Freudian concept of the seeking of pleasure (and the avoiding of pain) through the aesthetic of Janet Jackson. Caroline strictly curated intersectional voices in the POC community into the ARTBAR programming to make offerings about our most basic primitive urges, including hunger, thirst, anger and sex, through the dissection the ego and the id through pop cultural terms.

Featuring 25+ POC artists and musicians in Sydney: Sanggar Tari Bali Saraswati, Brian Fuata, The Filipinx Reading Group, James Nguyen, Angela Tiatia, Bhenji Ra, The Soul Patrol, Clarissa Mei, Técha Noble & Rachael Melky, Mariu Betervide, Atong Atem, Mei Saraswati, JD Reforma, Get To Work, Paula Do Prado, Kimchi Princi, Amala Groom, Mamiwatta Collection, Live Softly, Lucreccia Quintanilla, Charlie Villas, and The Sex Havers (Del Lumanta & Daryl Prondoso).

Sydney artist Caroline Garcia brings the vibe to this non-stop art party. Complete with a consensual non-gender conforming bump and grind room, rooftop Soul Train, a Janet vs. Freud bingo, an artist marketplace and a flowing bar, shake it till you make it at MCA ARTBAR.”

Image Credit: Leslie Liu, courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art; Photography by Jacquie Manning (left)