Choose Your Fighter (video still), 2020

Choose Your Fighter
VR digital video, colour, sound
3:24 mins

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Choose Your Fighter is an immersive virtual reality video, which displays a performance with an Indigenous Filipino blowgun, also known as a sumpit. In an attempt to recast myself as a Headhunter, I encircle the viewer in the video, who is centered in an uncanny, virtual space, surrounded by floating green screens. The viewer takes the position as the target in the work. Aside from darts fired at the viewer, they are also exposed to an archival cacophony of clips sourced from the Internet that comprise of women of colour giving advice, as well as short excerpts showcasing examples of performativity that address intersectional femininity. This video confronts personal grief I have experienced for my late mother, and therefore attempts to outsource the matriarchy online, as a result of her passing.

Exhibition History: The Olympia Project (online) (2020)