Choose Your Fighter

Virtual reality / 360-degree digital video, color, sound
3:24 mins

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Choose Your Fighter is a virtual reality video that offers an immersive performance in which Garcia recasts herself as a (Head)hunter, armed with an Indigenous Filipino blowgun known as a sumpit. In this virtual space, the viewer is suspended inside of an archival cacophony of abbreviated clips sourced from the Internet, that comprise of advice and testimony from women of colour (on self-love, cooking, etc.), as well as acts of performance that showcase spectrums of womanhood.

This video is a confrontation of personal grief, one that deals with the loss of Garcia’s mother. In this process of bereavement, Garcia attempts to outsource the matriarchy online.

Exhibition History: Montclair State University Galleries (2023); Anna-Maria & Stephen Kellen Gallery (2021); The Olympia Project (online on Artsy) (2020)