for Next Wave Festival 2018

by Caroline Garcia & Lucreccia Quintanilla

Featuring: James Nguyen, G3 Dance Crew, LIT QUEENS, DJs YUMGOD & VARIOUS ASSES, & GALAMBO

BARRIO // BARYO is about collective power and experimentation with knowledges passed down. It is about what we may contribute to these knowledges from the diaspora and how and why it’s important to do so.

In a truly collaborative performance event, interdisciplinary artists Lucreccia Quintanilla and Caroline Garcia will join forces to harness sound, performance, movement and community in a block party like no other.

Sound system parties are more than just dancing – it’s where culture is given space for public expression.

First originating in Jamaica, the communal neighbourhood sound system has formed a huge part of the cultural ethos of the diaspora, creating new social and cultural spaces through sound. Inspired by the future possibilities of neighbourhood communities, Quintanilla and Garcia draw on their respective Salvadoran and Filipino cultures to present an experimental performance for all ages. Held on the final day of the Festival, this curated indoor/outdoor installation will activate multiple participatory spaces that speak to the experience of the sound system.

Image Credit: Laura Du Vé, courtesy of Next Wave Festival